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Monday, May 20, 2013

Pelamin Reception

Pelamin decoration by Anna Joe
Venue: Dewan Jubli Perak, Shah Alam.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Brand Used

Hi there..

As BTB, sometimes they are too fussy when it comes to makeup. Choosing the right wedding makeup colors can make a difference on your big day. Every bride wants to look her best, and wearing the right shades can guarantee lovely photos that will be treasured for years and I used to be asked, 




BLA, BLA, BLA.... 

Well, 6years +.. experienced (still learning to improve) and YES! my makeup products are mostly branded. I do not used "cap ayam" brand that used to sell in "pasar malam" or online (not saying that all online seller are fraud). In fact I used to buy 1-2 items online (from a friend of mine). My advise.., be more alert when buying online and make sure you know that they are selling genuine products.

But as I said,.. I am comfortable & confident to buy them in shopping complex.

Product? Hmmm.. mostly makeup artists, used Kryolan for makeup base. Others, that I've been using are and definitely MAC.., Makeup Forever, Bobby Brown, Estee Lauder, Shu Uemura, Chanel, Elianto & also Farmasi brand products. 

And how do I feel?.. I felt excellent & confident when using them on the bride. You may browse to view some of the pictures that I have.. 

Eye Makeup Shades Combinations

Original combination of shades of pink and gold

The most beautiful makeup for eyes are the color combinations of shades, but can be tricky if you're not very good with the color palette.

Do not worry, baby. Below I present five good eye makeup combinations.

Pink and gold: The pink is fashionable. This colorful combination makes your eyes look bigger and juveniles. Use liquid eyeliner to the eye area, and add a ponytail out of the corner of her eye as detail.

Purple and black: The purple is very in color and you know what else? Purple is a color shade that goes with any eye color.

Apply the eyeliner on the lower eyelid natural line and finished with a tail outside the corner of her eye. Make this design on the upper eyelid. Leave a gap between the two lines.

To highlight this combination, apply white shadow below the brow line and in the inner corner of your eye, as in this picture.

Choosing Lip Colour

To choose colour of lipstick, most women think of the colour of their clothes, is not it, girls?

Actually, the most important factor when choosing your lipstick is the tone of your skin.

You can choose either matte or glossy lipstick, whichever best on you.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013